Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oil of Olay Regenerist Products

As I left my twenties (gasp!) I began to realize how important skin care is in preventing wrinkles and keeping skin firm. While I have always avoided the sun and have sworn by SPF 70, I was not always diligent about daily moisturizer and creams in the evening. I look at my own mother, who in her 50's barely has wrinkles and I pray to the gene gods that I will be the same way. However, we all know that hope and good genes are only small parts of the equation. So, about a month ago, I started to research different skin products that were affordable and had rave reviews so that I could feel confident in whatever products I decided to purchase. There were many options in terms of products lines that were out there including Avon Anew Rejuvenate, Clinique Repairwear, Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle, Loreal Revitalift, and the Sephora Philosophy line.

After reading numerous reviews and articles that exist about the aforementioned products, I finally decided that I was ready to purchase two products from the Olay line. I bought the Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream and the Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. I thought this was a perfect day/night combo and I was eager to begin their use after reading so many testimonials. I found both items on sale, the micro sculpting cream for $18 plus shipping on Amazon and the night cream for $18 at CVS. They both come in 1.7 ounce containers. Not too bad for a product that might potentially work.

I have been using both products for three weeks now.While I haven't seen miracle results I do have to say that my skin looks and feels significantly better. It feels firmer and looks smoother. The night recovery cream is advertised as mini-lift each morning and while I would not say that it feels that way, it certainly is more hydrated than it has been in the past. The micro-sculpting cream is supposed to target and smooth problem areas and firm areas most prone to sagging. I use it in the morning as a moisturizer and overall I am very satisfied.

I am going to purchase some additional products from this line, maybe something that targets fine lines, since I am seeing those forehead lines start to appear. Overall, I would recommend these products and for the price they are highly desirable. Olay has not disappointed. I will definitely post feedback about additional items I buy from this line. I would love to hear any feedback about anyone else who has used these or similar products.

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