Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iron Fist Shoes

Like most other women, I have an obsession with shoes. Oddly enough, even as a corporate career woman, I don't care as much about my every day work shoes. I want to be comfortable at work, but when it comes to play, well, that's a whole different story. I also like comfort but if I want the hottest and coolest shoes I can find.

As someone who prefers the pin up look and the rocker chick look, I love funky shoes. I like shoes that make a bold statement about who I am and I like my heels high. I am talking over 3 inches. In the past I have often bought my shoes at specialty shops in NYC, and sometimes from Pleaser. But in the last few months, I have discovered a shoe company that must live in my brain. That company is Iron Fist.

Iron Fist began in 2001 as a Men's clothing line, and after 4 years they began to launch women's shoes. THANK YOU!! The women's items were so successful, they basically took over the brand. Iron Fist shoes are definitely bold and full of life. The range from tattoo artwork, bold bright colors and designs to hard core rock and roll with skulls. They make boots, ankle booties, platform heels, sandals and even flats! There are so many options to choose from. In the last three months, I have already purchased three pairs of shoes and trust me that I am not done yet. Here are the three I have bought so far:

I have two of these in size 10 and one in size 9. Iron Fist is supposed to run small and they do not have half sizes so they suggest you size up. I am normally a 9.5 so I got the 10, but found it was a little loose in the back. Easy fix with heel inserts. You will notice a trend of purple and skulls with the shoes I bought from them. Skulls are a top design in their collection, but not the end all be all. As for the purple, well, I just can't have enough purple shoes.

So, you have to be thinking at this point, how much damage will these do to my wallet? Flats range from $15-$50, heels from $25 to $65 and boots/booties from $35 to $130. I think the cost is very reasonable. There are also plenty of ebay retailers selling brand new IF shoes for less and you can catch a great deal. Many retailers also sell them, like Sourpuss, Pinup Girl Clothing, Hot Topic and Torrid to name a few. Make sure you look for a good deal. I really did my homework. In fact I got the black shoes for $26!! Can't beat that.

Iron Fist is not just a shoe retailer. They sell clothing, accessories, purses and of course what they started with, men's clothing. I own clothes, shoes and a really kick ass purse that has, surprise, skulls and purple! :)

What can I say? Iron Fist is my new addiction. I have cleaned shoes from my closet to make room for new Iron Fist Shoes. Check them out now! Happy Shopping!!


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  1. omg I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes too! I'm pushing on 100 pairs...(P.S: I work in a shoe store! ARGH! Not helping!)